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The Passage

is a co-op hybrid puzzle game, during which you and your manual-wielding companion must traverse an ancient temple's labyrinth as a rite of passage. The aim of the game is to complete the two-player puzzles with one player controlling the 3D virtual avatar, while the second (who is not allowed to see the screen) is equipped with a manual. Through strained, time-limited communication, you must gradually complete the tasks and make your way towards the center before the sun sets.

A game about the importance of effective communication; Players slowly learn to be more aware of what their partner might be seeing , as self-absorbed players often run the risk of falling just short of the defining "penny drop" moment when solving puzzles.

Things you will need to play:

  • A friend.
  • A PC or Mac.
  • A version of the companion booklet on a separate platform ( Printed out, on a tablet, or separate PC).
  • Means of communication ( We feel working opposite each other works best, however the game is also playable using Skype, Facetime, messenger pigeons , or any other means of telecommunication).
  • Basic communication skills.

Setting up:

  • Player A: Have the game running on your PC.
  • Player B: Have a version of the booklet.
  • Player A: Don't look at the booklet.
  • Player B: Don't look at the screen.
  • Try to reach the center of the temple before the sun goes down.
  • Remember, the room will get progressively darker as the sun gradually sets.

Pro tips:

The booklet isn't a clear map. As any couple who has put together Ikea furniture can tell you, you need to work together to decode what some symbols mean, and it might not always seem as straightforward as you think.
Don't make assumptions.
Ironically, when encountering problems, resolution happens a lot faster when players begin their phrases with "Are you seeing...?" as opposed to "I am seeing....". Deep.
Don't blame your partner for poor communication – instead ask yourself what you could say to avoid silly misunderstandings.

Installation Instructions:

Unzip and run executable.

IMPORTANT: Requires companion booklet to play! Can be found here:http://issuu.com/fleursciortino/docs/booklet_for_web. Booklet is also packaged in the zipped file.


Windows Build.rar 40 MB
Mac Build.rar 23 MB

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